Death to the Student Radical; Long Live the Student Movement

February 22, 2010 at 2:05 am (Occupations) (, , )

From Like Lost Children:

“All milieus are counter-revolutionary because they are only concerned with the preservation of their sad comfort.” -The Invisible Committee

As one can see via these handy little links at left, this blog began in July 09, mostly as a spot for me to post zine projects i was working on or had completed. As i became caught up in the little ‘Hot Autumn’ of CA campuses, i started to write about these events and to get a considerable amount of attention from radicals across the states – as i was one of the only people reporting on these events on a regular, first-hand, and explicitly, shall we say, insurrectionary anarcho-communist perspective. I think this blog’s existence is a primary problem; the fiction of singular existence. If the author is dead, or at least missing, what ties these things together? Why do i need to collect them as my own products?

I knew this project was dead as i read its title in the intro to After the Fall: Communiques from Occupied California. It fit there perfectly (aside from a slight misstatement of the blog’s origins), prompting the crystallization of recent brooding on what “our emergency”, after the fall and the student movement (or more specifically its catalyzing component) have in common; and what this all has to do with “what holds back the elephant”.

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