On the eve of March 4th…

March 4, 2010 at 6:23 am (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , )

From: The Horizontalist Papers – by A.W.

The ardent realist within me – that stubbornly arrogant voice which refuses to die or shut the fuck up – acknowledges that the majority of the naïve students that will cry out across the country tomorrow on March 4th will be clamoring for space within the realm of the material; referential points to which they can attach their multifaceted flags of demands and eagerness for concessions. The majority of the students will fulfill their reactionary roles – demand that access to “education” is a fundamental human “right” – demand that the state reconcile their grievances and accordingly adjust and restructure the fiscal constraints upon the decaying institution.

“Lower tuition and fees!” The unimaginative ones will say.

“A free university!” The mildly creative ones will exclaim.

It is to these that I offer my sincerest and most respectful: FUCK OFF.


For the few intrepid souls, the ones who have long since stopped caring about accessibility and instead dreamt of dissolution this, OUR tomorrow, will be dedicated to you.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to the destruction of myths. The myth of enlightenment bestowed. The myth of the specialized ownership of knowledge, and the unfortunate shame cast upon the devoted resolution of the autodidact. The myth of removing oneself from the exigencies of the market for a temporal recess, which masquerades as the procurement of future security, yet only reifies our very position as consumer through the accrual of debt and the subsequent measures we take to alleviate its hold. Even worse, to those who aspire to become the very vestige of coercive institutional knowledge itself, our venerable post-baccalaureates – the myth of removing oneself from the exigencies of the market to assume a position of esoteric scholarship which operates under the pretense of impossibly being ethical, counter-institutional, and perhaps most unsettling…feasible.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to the destruction of a whole host of signifiers. The student as both commodity and consumer. The dialectic relationship of master and slave as reflected within the teacher-student dichotomy. Education as habituation, social acculturation into mutually exclusive relationships which reinforce and necessitate the adherence to coercion, apathy, and resignation.

This is not an anti-knowledge polemic, rather this is the recognition that the liberation of desire necessitates that knowledge and its creation exist as process and not an end, and by both materially and ontologically defining a socio-temporal period of our existence for this endeavor reifies the collective mores that knowledge is ostensibly gained through acquisition, possession, and ownership, we fail to move knowledge – and by extension, learning – from the strictures and dictates of capital.

Tomorrow you will hear the frantic cries of many students, yelling for recognition, for commiseration with their plight, an acknowledgement of their victim-hood. There will even be those who refuse to be seen as the downtrodden, and reject your empathy and may even smash and burn what is held sacrosanct. Yet this is not even dedicated to them. No, there will be others, albeit small in numbers – you will hear their murmuring and their faint but resolute whispers that will exist contrapuntally to the maddening screams of the ignorant masses. It will be these invisible figures that will light your city streets on fire…they will jump into the flames willingly…burning away the dead and decayed flesh of the student…engulfed in the purity…and emerge as something else.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to them. Tomorrow will be dedicated to us.

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