The View from Garnet Hill

November 25, 2010 at 8:16 pm (Building Occupations, Student Occupations) ()

Student Walkout and Occupations

From Glasgow Anarchists:

Yesterday, November 24th, was a national day of action against cuts in the education sector and the massive rise in fees faced by students in England and Wales. All across the country students walked out of their schools, colleges and universities and took to the streets or occupied buildings on their campuses.

Occupations, teach-ins and walk outs took place in Kent, Birmingham, Loughborough, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Essex, Hastings, Winchester, Dursley, Leominster, Bradford, Newcastle, Durham, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, London, Plymouth, Sheffield, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Manchester, Lancaster, Warwick, Southampton and more. A full list and reports can be found on Indymedia.

The events of yesterday at the University of Glasgow will hopefully show two things. First, that there is palpable anger at these government plans and a genuine willingness to show solidarity with students in England and Wales who are going to be the first to feel the education cuts. Secondly, that the student movement has to be careful to resist attempts by certain factions to neuter and control the movement.

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