Squatters move in by French president’s home

January 9, 2011 at 6:12 pm (Building Occupations, Housing Occupations, Squatting)

From Signalfire:

Jan 8 2011

PARIS – SQUATTERS have occupied an empty building with a view over French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Elysee Palace to protest what they say is an unjust housing shortage in Paris.

Riot police on Friday sealed off the eight-storey office building, where 27 people including students and homeless families have moved in with sleeping bags.

The squat protest was launched by Black Thursday, a group campaigning for affordable housing in a city where the young and unemployed struggle to find lodgings despite many buildings lying empty.

‘Every morning while shaving, Mr Sarkozy will now be able to face the reality of the housing crisis,’ the group said in a statement announcing the protest.

‘From the balconies of the eighth floor… the inhabitants can admire the Elysee, dreaming that state powers might have the courage to requisition empty premises for them.’ Black Thursday, named after the day apartment-seekers face the depressing task of scouring the newly published classified rental ads, was expelled in October from another squat in a grand building on Paris’s Place des Vosges.

It had occupied that building for a whole year. — AFP

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