About Occupy Everything!

Occupy Everything! is dedicated to documenting student, workplace, land & housing occupations around the world.

Occupy Everything! is seeking contributors to cover radical grassroots student, workplace, housing, & land occupations* in their area & around the world. Contact occupyeverything [at] riseup.net to get involved (WordPress user account email address required).

Submissions, story tips, statements, press releases, & communiques (which may be anonymous) may also be sent to the same address, as can love letters, hate mail, death threats, & pathetically disguised messages from obvious Agent Provocateurs.

Reclaim. Occupy. Resist!

*Occupations we (oppose rather than support and) do not cover on this blog: Nation-state, neo-imperialist/neo-colonial, & corporate occupations (US in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., Israel).


  1. Cautiously optimistic: Walkouts and occupations everywhere | Cautiously pessimistic said,

    […] Roehampton, Sheffield, Essex, Bristol, Sussex, Goldsmiths, Glasgow School of Art, and Brighton. Occupy Everything!, anticuts.org.uk and the National Convention Against Fees and Cuts all look like decent sources of […]

  2. Self-Aware Animal said,

    In the context of the current Occupy “movement” and any counter-hegemonic action calling itself an “occupation”, issues of colonialism and settler status must be addressed.

    We must be clear that our occupations are *counter*-occupations against capital, civilization, and the primacy of property over life. For more information on decolonization within the context of the Occupy movement (and much more), check out Unsettling America at http://unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com/

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