March 4 Social War!

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Occupy Everything! brings you an extensive round-up of coverage about the March 4th students, faculty, and worker strikes, picket lines, walk-outs, protests, and occupations. We stand in solidarity and struggle with student occupations worldwide.


Occupation: A D.I.Y. Guide


March 4 @ Occupy California

Updates on Today’s Student Protests and Occupations @ Infoshop News

Students and college staff across the United States today are participating in protests and occupations to protest budget cuts, tuition increases and much more.

From Berkeley Liberation Radio

Following Thursday, March 4th’s Berkeley to Oakland march and rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza for the statewide strike and day of action against budget cuts, layoffs and furloughs to public education, a second march commenced. 200-250 students, educators, and activists marched from the close of the rally to the exterior of Mark Yudof’s office for a street dance party. The group then made their way toward the I-880 freeway, where 150-200 elected to enter on foot to shut down traffic.

All traffic slowed to a stop, and no individuals were in in any danger of being struck by automobiles. The riot police pursued them as they hopped over barriers in an attempt to make their way to the Jackson street off-ramp. As police closed in, most of the group sat down in anticipation of being arrested.

The police were violent with many of the protesters, using excessive force with their riot batons. None of the arrested were reported to be carrying weapons of any kind, and none were attempting to attack any of the officers. The police shut down the freeway in both directions, handcuffed and escorted the marchers to the Jackson street offramp where police busses slowly arrived to take the prisoners to North County and Sana Rita Jail facilities.

155 individuals were reported to have been arrested, in addition to some minors who were released into the custody of their parents. Francois Zimany was taken to the hospital after either falling, jumping, or being pushed by police off of the freeway, and is now at home with his family. The group was held over night, and released periodically throughout the day on Friday.

You can learn more by visiting All photos were taken by BLR DJ Paisley Cuttlefish who was among those arrested. She sustained a bad fracture to her elbow after being hit with a police baton.

March 4: Strikes and Occupations in California and across the US

Banner at Brooklyn College

Students and workers struck and occupied across the state of California, as did their counterparts at colleges in New York and 30 other states, defying efforts to corral the movement into after-work rallies or “dialogues” at the Capitol.

One of the most striking facts about the breadth of the action on March 4 was the popularity of radical action in areas with very little history of struggle. Students across the UC system were consciously referring to their activity as a strike and attempting to shut down their campuses, not just at the “activist” campuses of Berkeley, LA, and Santa Cruz, but also at San Diego, Irvine and Riverside (all in the heart of suburban Southern California), Santa Barbara (notorious as a party school) and Davis (the agricultural campus, located in “The Tomato Capitol of the World”).

According to Occupy California (, each of these campuses saw at least several hundred students attempting to shut down the functioning of the university and, in many cases, to spread the disruption off campus. At Santa Cruz pre-dawn picket lines closed the entrances to the campus and were held even against violent attempts by drivers to break through, including one attempt by the driver of a Prius that broke a picket’s leg. Many campus workers, instead of getting angry at another “student protest”, respected the strike by joining the picket lines or by defying supervisors (and police escorts) and claiming that they couldn’t get through the picket lines. In Oakland, around 1000 students from Berkeley joined students and teachers from public schools, community colleges, and CSUs for a mid-day rally at City Hall. The marchers managed to get onto Interstate 880, a freeway going through the most working-class sections of Oakland, where 150 were arrested. At Irvine and Davis hundreds of students shut down their campuses and then moved to shut down surrounding traffic – in Davis the marchers then moved to occupy Interstate 80 (the main artery to nearby Sacramento), but after overcoming several lines of police using batons and shooting pepper balls, were eventually prevented. Similar strike attempts occurred at other UC campuses, as well as many campuses of the California State University.

There were simultaneous actions at universities in 31 other states, including at several branches of the CUNY and SUNY systems in New York. Take The City reports an occupation at SUNY Purchase, as well as demonstrations and walk-outs at Brooklyn College, CUNY Hunter, and the CUNY Graduate Center.

The movement is spreading and echoing quicker than anyone expected. Capital demands its pound of flesh and, in so doing, creates its own gravediggers. The students are not relying on any existing organizations for leadership but are spontaneously creating General Assemblies to strategize. By consciously referring to the movement as a strike and by attempting to spread off campus students are showing an implicit consciousness that this is not simply about ‘defending education’, but is about refusing to pay for the crisis created by the contradictions of capitalism. In order to move forward, the strike movement is going to have to spread – students will have to make links with workers, such as the 15,000 municipal workers who are receiving pink slips in San Francisco today, and they will have to encourage the workers to form general assemblies or general strike committees, instead of relying on the established unions that will divide the workers and prevent a general strike.

More to come…

Search for updates on Twitter using #march4
Pics: UCLA | UCSC | UMass | Sacramento
Students Rally Against Education Budget Cuts at Cal State Los Angeles
Rowdy protester target funding cuts at US campuses
March, Walkout, Rally, and Sit-in at CSU-Fresno
Mar 4th, 2010 7:25 PM : Dozens of protesters now on sherrif bus, headed to Santa Rita jail, after being arrested on 880 freeway. 100-120 arrests estimated.
16 UW-Milwaukee protesters detained after scuffles
Rowdy protests target funding cuts at US campuses
UCLA: UCLA students still sitting-in inside of Murphy Hall! 50 students inside, police just declared it an unlawful assembly.
Bay Area: Police say as many as 150 arrested at I-880 in Oakland.
Milwaukee: Cops attack education rights protestors in Milwaukee
Nearly 7000 people are present at SF City Hall according to CA federation of teachers press contact
UC Davis: Cops are beating people in the front. Arrests being made. Tasers being used?
UCLA: Hundreds sitting in at UCLA chancellor’s office.
UC Davis: 350+ protestors are on the move, linking arms, headed toward CHP blockade near I-80 onramp
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee: 18 arrested
CCSF: A march of approximately 400 CCSF students is leaving Ocean campus now. Traffic is blocked, but drivers are honking in solidarity.
Seattle: Seattle police stopping traffic for the protest
UMass – Amherst: Over 200 students rally.
Baltimore: 500 Baltimore students protest-outraged at the schools vs. prisons funding priorities
San Francisco State: Picket has been going strong since 10am but entrances no longer blocked
Picketer’s leg NOT broken by scab trying to cross picket line at UCSC.
Arizona State: Banner drop at ASU
UC Berkeley: Sather Gate blocked
NYC: Walk-Out / Indoor demo at CUNY Hunter
UC Santa Cruz shut down
Berkeley Pre-Game Communiqué (That’s Not The Sky, That’s The Ceiling)
Updates from UC Santa Cruz
San Diego: Black community lends UCSD students support
Day of education protests gets under way
Day Of Action Dawns With Excitement; Protests Underway
Thousands of Students Taking Part in National Day of Action to Defend Public Education
Banner at UC Riverside
Claremont, Calif.: Students Support Worker Demands for Independent Unions and End to Abuses
Georgia: Student leader: Drastic cuts ‘a death knell
 for public education’
California: Protests, rallies mark “Day of Action” for education funding
California Students Protest Education Cuts
D.C. area: Area students will protest higher education tuition hikes
List of Bay Area Protests


Following String of Racist Incidents, UC San Diego Students Occupy Chancellor’s Office
March 4 the Regents!: How and Why a Movement gets Co-opted
Communique from the occupied HCC: The Evergreen State College, Coast Salish Territories
Why we reject the plan to fix the schools by cutting prison funding
December 2009: Update on Student Struggle in California
Bankrupt the System, Exploit The University
The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow
Four Theses on The Invisible University


Occupy California
Occupy Everything!
Reclaim UC
Stand Up For Schools

University of Colorado Banner Drop in Solidarity with Student Uprisings

On Thursday, March 4th, a banner was dropped from the rooftop of the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado, in solidarity with the student uprising in California, and with resisters of the capitalist state everywhere. The banner read:

Free the Debt Slaves
Usurp the Profiteer
Free University Today!
Class War Now

The reasons for this are numerous and should be obvious. Free education is a fundamental pillar of a free society, where affluence is not confined to the smallest minority but diffused for the benefit of everyone. Universities worldwide are being transformed into profit driven institutions, exploiting the student population with inescapable debt, exploiting faculty and workers to increase profit margins, and excluding marginalized portions of the community from the country club of academia. The university today is in many ways an apparatus of the status quo, reinforcing false narratives of the murderous state, while reinforcing artificial values of ecocidal social and economic institutions.

Our university claims a reputation of environmental enlightenment and “progressive” political tendencies, yet takes large portions of funding from (and churns out wage slaves for) some of the most notorious regional polluters, and the foremost proponents of the military industrial complex. As students, the information we are and are not exposed to is more influenced by these coercive components of the dominant culture than by our own desire to learn.

But all over the world, students are fighting back, as students always have. As we recognize the broader implications within the university system of social relations in capitalist society, our goals and desires reach a critical common ground, a common desire to take back not only the university, but the community as a whole. Free education could never come about in such a society without a fundamental restructuring of class relations, for each according to their need, rather than for each according to their exploitability.

We drop these banners in our community recognizing full well that banners are not sufficient means of fighting back in the ongoing class war, but with the intention of injecting these concepts and associations into the consciousness a community where such ideas do not exist, generally drown out by liberal pretentions. As these assertions of liberal morality are proven a fallacy each day beneath the yoke of a Democrat war regime, a simple conceptual foundation of avenues of resistance can provide volatile kindling, as efforts toward liberation from the state and capitalism continue throughout the world.

Dropping banners is cheap, easy, fun, and shows what driven individuals can do with even relatively little effort. And more so than appealing to the masses, it allows us to identify our allies, and to show other resisters in and around the community that we are with them.

No Borders, No Classes.

-A Boulder anarchist

March 4th: Statement From ASU West

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall…

Over the last 72 hours, two actions on Arizona State University’s West campus were taken; both of which were almost rendered invisible to everyone other than the accused oppressors. The actions while direct, were intentionally temporal in nature in order to instigate a test of reactionary censorship. Our expectations were not only fulfilled, but exceeded. Within only a few hours time, they ripped the tape holding the written iteration of an active dialogue straying from the norm of placating pacifist vomit from the the walls. They brandished their knives, shredding ropes holding banners with messages thicker than the ephemeral echos of ‘hope’. The validation that our ideas transcribed into words can instill fear in those we hope they would, gives reason enough to spread them in ways that better stick. If our verbal blueprints are taken as a threat, when the attack lashes out, imagine the swift blow affect.

Can you hear the foundations begin to creak?

Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall…

Just as they are blind to their privilege, it is their privilege that blinds them. The pedestal from which they work leaves them to be the last one to hear the rumbling of the ‘subversive’ voice, the last to see the products of hands continuously creating, the last to smell the smoke from our sparks. This arrogance allows them to believe that they can put all fires out by sprinkling one flame with water, gives them the illusion that by shredding what they don’t want to be read, they can contain anything.

The higher you sit, the farther you fall.

And all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men couldn’t put
Humpty together again…

The events over the last 72 hours, and the ones occurring while you read this, are only the foreshocks to the quakes that are forming. Observe the vibrations as they begin to crack the walls, as the glass colonial trophies of conquest begin to creep nearer to the edge, threatening to shatter. This is the start to an intricate series of chain reactions. We want nothing to do with attempts to hinder the complete destruction of this violent and oppressive system.

While they work to glue the pieces of the shell cracked by
this week’s actions back together, you can join us in burning their castles.

March 4th, 2010

Sprouts, Sparks, & Solidarity

AFAW Calls out to join in March 4th fun. Posted at ASU West Campus.

Found this on arizona indymedia

This communique was posted around the campus of Arizona State University’s West Campus.

On March 4th, California schools will begin a statewide occupation of universities in order to “resist the neoliberal destruction of public education in California and beyond” This is a call to join them.

We are AFAW, a group of students, ex-students, would be students,‬teachers, learners, dreamers, readers, writers, lovers,friends, human beings…We are fed up, We are fucking pissed. We are here, We are ready, We are awake, We are making a call to all students, faculty, workers, and visitors on this campus to take actions in whatever way you may see fit to show solidarity with California campuses, and to shatter the glass walled prison you are in that they like to call a school.

Something Burns Something Grows.

For too long have we allowed the University to operate under the guise of providing us with an education, while in reality it ’ s only function is as a factory which produces workers to support the colonialist capitalist system. They ensure that we will enter into the workforce by continuously raising the cost of education to the point where it takes years for most students to pay off the debt they aquire while in school. Don ’ t be fooled into thinking your University is anything other than a corporation that does not work for you, they only work to control and use you. The concept of attending school for any other ends than to find a job and attain higher income, has become an impossibility. What is allowed to be taught, the way our classes are structured, the food that is served to us, the books that are made available to us ; are all dictated by the corporate & state entities that control our Universities. Even this pathetic attempt at providing substantive education is only made fully available to the privileged sectors of our population. We are acknowledging that until the control of education is taken out of the hands which currently cradle it, nothing can change. We do not want to negotiate, that time is past. Relinquish your hold on our education, and we are assured that that we can create a new form of education free from your hierarchy, patriarchy, and inherently racist classism. Below is a list of a few ways we feel we can begin to make the statement to those who are currently in control that: WE DON ’ T WANT YOUR FUCKING JOBS, WE DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING CENSORED AND DULLED EDUCATION, WE ARE TAKING OUR SCHOOLS BACK, WE WILL NOT FUCKING COMPROMISE.

“Occupation means to take a certain space away from the influence of the existing powers, who have little choice but to use police force to reassert their control. As long as a space is occupied, the people inside have at least the chance to define what’s happening in it. ” -A Collection of Written Insurrections from Vienna

Occupy Occupy Occupy !! Dance in the classrooms ! Keep the library open all night ! Start a food fight ! Make barricades to keep the fun inside and the oppressors out !

Have a FUCKING PARTY to CELEBRATE the start of something beautiful and free, CELEBRATE breaking away from all that attempts to blind and oppress us, CELEBRATE the destruction of the lifeless beast that holds our education captive and the creation of a space to share knowledge that cannot be penetrated by capitalist colonizers !!!

Render the visible corporate presences ( Starbucks, Aramark, Fast Food, etc. ) on our campus inoperable in whatever way possible ( a rock and a can of paint can go a long way !! ) We are individuals trying to learn, not a target group to market products to ! Damage to property only is violent to the corporate system. A window, a wall, a cash register does not have a heartbeat.

Make banners expressing yourself and hang them from every building ! Make the walls our canvases ! We do not attend a white walled prison, this is OUR SCHOOL, OUR SPACE !

Refuse to give another cent to the monster, encourage others to do the same ! If they won ’ t teach us for free, WE CAN TEACH OURSELVES AND EACHOTHER !

Make music ring through the halls ! Yell to make your voices heard ! Wake yourself up ! Wake up everyone who has been lulled to sleep by the warm poison milk of capitalism !! Cause a break, a fracture, a disruption !


They will try and stop us. They will threaten us with violence, with prison, with expulsion. We will fight back, we will riot in the jails, we will render their academic threats useless by taking away their power.

Student Actions at the University of Massachusetts

UMass — Today at the rally outside of the campus center a lively crowd was speaking and chanting for a good 45 minutes. Soon, the group left on a spontaneous march throughout the campus. We went into and out of campus buildings chanting and telling people to get out of their classes and join us. We eventually reached the administration building where we were confronted with a small line of cops. The teach-in is tonight – we are not done, we are only beginning.
Pics will be up soon

Banners that have happened over the past week: 1 | 2

University of Oklahoma Solidarity Action

Today at the University of Oklahoma we did a series of solidarity actions. We set-up a little infoshop on the front lawn of our university, talking to people about the struggle for about 9 hours today. We had a lot of silliness and flier/literature goodness, which the highilight being a banner drop occurring off of the journalism building, facing the most populated areas of campus.

D-FUK Says, ‘It’s on!’ to Arizona State University

From So What if all the colleges burn down:

We are a Cadre of Anarchist students who happen to attend or have attended mainstream educational institutions; State Universities, Private Universities, Community Colleges and so on. We view Academia as, an institution that reifies claims to privilege and systems of oppression. Our work around the University consists of using it as strategic location to cause ruptures, confront enemies, build alternatives, and explore ideas. At the very least it is a place with a lot of resources for us to take. We personally do not see any use in dropping out, but if you want to, go for it! We encourage diversity of tactics. We position ourselves against all forms of oppression and hierarchy. We’re kind of over this whole thing they call ‘civilization’ too.

We are not fucking concise.

Read more »


March 4th rally and march at UMass Boston:

Also, banner drops leading up to thursday:

Protests over education cutbacks snarl traffic, lead to arrests

Protestors clash with police in attempt to block I-80

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On the eve of March 4th…

March 4, 2010 at 6:23 am (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , )

From: The Horizontalist Papers – by A.W.

The ardent realist within me – that stubbornly arrogant voice which refuses to die or shut the fuck up – acknowledges that the majority of the naïve students that will cry out across the country tomorrow on March 4th will be clamoring for space within the realm of the material; referential points to which they can attach their multifaceted flags of demands and eagerness for concessions. The majority of the students will fulfill their reactionary roles – demand that access to “education” is a fundamental human “right” – demand that the state reconcile their grievances and accordingly adjust and restructure the fiscal constraints upon the decaying institution.

“Lower tuition and fees!” The unimaginative ones will say.

“A free university!” The mildly creative ones will exclaim.

It is to these that I offer my sincerest and most respectful: FUCK OFF.


For the few intrepid souls, the ones who have long since stopped caring about accessibility and instead dreamt of dissolution this, OUR tomorrow, will be dedicated to you.

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March 3, 2010 at 7:49 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , , )

From the Make Believe Committee:

FULLERTON, California – As of 3AM, CSU Fullerton’s 8-story Humanities building has been barricaded from the inside by some fairly heavy materials. Their communique below.


6:22am: Cops have raided the occupation. Four have been detained while the rest of the occupiers remain held up and negotiating with the police.

6:51am: Police have released the four detained, the rest of the 15-18 people inside are now being talked to, but will also probably be released on the spot. A full update will be posted later.

7:35am: Correction to previous update: The barricades were secure, but service ladders inside the building extend to tunnels below the building and had not been secured. The police entered through there, detaining four of the occupiers almost immediately. The rest of the occupiers scattered elsewhere in the building. All were eventually cited and released. The barricades that had been placed were indeed dumpsters chained to the doors from the inside, some stacked on each other.

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Strikes & Walkouts in Northern California March 4th 2010

March 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , )

Cañada College March 4th Strike flier


With the global crisis deepening, California is being hit hard. Two consecutive booms then busts, in high tech and then housing, have left the state devastated. The official jobless rate for California is 12.4%, but the reality is probably twice that. Millions of foreclosed homes sit empty alongside tent cities springing up across the state. Austerity was forced on the working class with almost no opposition — until students rose up last fall. There have been occupations and strikes. On Thursday there will be statewide strikes, walkouts, and direct action. Hopefully it will spread beyond the campuses and become a general strike.

San Francisco, California—On the heels of strikes over cutbacks rocking Greece, the San Francisco Bay Area is bracing for an unprecedented widespread students, faculty and staff protests, walk outs and strikes in the public schools, community colleges, CSUs and UCs this Thursday March 4th as part of a statewide strike and day of action. While many of the faculty and staff at these campuses are represented by unions also planning after work protests at the SF Civic Center and Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza at 5 pm a broad coalition has been organizing for five months independently of these unions for direct action, walk outs and strikes. These efforts aim at not just protesting the destructive budget cuts crippling public, adult and higher education but engaging in civil disobedience to save public education, public services and public property such as the Civic Center which is slated to be auctioned soon.

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Updates from The Evergreen State College, Occupied Coast Salish Territories

March 3, 2010 at 5:10 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , , , , )

This communiqué was written for students at Evergreen and people in the Olympia community and posted here for those outside these circumstances to understand where the struggle against budget cuts and capitalism stands in this community.

“What goes on between bodies in an occupation is more interesting than the occupation itself”

Tonight (the 2nd and 3rd of March) there was a study-in at the computer lab of the library building. As the clock struck midnight eighty students cheered as the administrators said the space was closed and walked off into the dark. This action was made possible by a concerted effort of student outreach to the workers of the space which helped achieve a common understanding about why this action was needed. Throughout the night people partook in finishing their homework, participating in workshops, and enjoying the feeling of a liberated (for the night) space.

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Berkeley Pre-Game Communiqué

March 2, 2010 at 7:24 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , , )

(That’s Not The Sky, That’s The Ceiling) From Occupy California:

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Westminster University Occupied in the Fight Against Cuts

March 2, 2010 at 5:46 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , )


Over 200 staff and students at the University of Westminster have protested, stormed the board of governors meeting and are currently in occupation, vice-chancellors office, in regard to recently proposed tutoring and administrative job cuts.

Management are planning to slash 285 jobs by April and this follows the closures of the ceramics department and the nursery. Recently, over 150 staff and students placed a unanimous vote of no confidence in the vice-chancellor and his management at a rally addressing Westminster’s severe proposed job cuts, on February, 17.

The vice-chancellor has openly declared that job cuts are the initiative of the governors, not his. Well, demonstrators asked him for themselves, after storming past security and into the governor’s meeting. They were greeted by a board of governors who were ‘quaking in their boots;’ shortly after students persuaded Geoffrey Petts, the VC, to stick around and answer some questions which he hesitated to on the first instance but then proceed to do with a full bureaucratic and dismissive tone.

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March 4 the Regents!: How and Why a Movement gets Co-opted

March 2, 2010 at 4:48 am (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , )

From Occupy California:

March 1st

The regents think it’s a great idea. Blumenthal is beside himself. It’s so great that the students are mobilizing to go to Sacramento. Student leaders are excited: the regents are with us! Sacramento must listen!

On the regents’ side, it’s perfect. The shift to Sacramento solves two problems that the student movement poses. First, it gets the students off of their backs, displacing the anger further up – an age-old tactic of bureaucrats. The removal of antagonism between students and regents allows them to declare themselves on our side, which they of course could not do with the occupations or campus blockades, or when they needed busloads of riot cops with tear gas guns just to hold a “public” meeting. Second, it incorporates the movement, keeping it confined to sanctioned action. As soon as a coalition of student leaders, faculty, unions, and (oh how wonderful) administrators unites in Sacramento, the path is clear: lobbying, symbolic demonstrations, cliché-as-fuck chants and picket signs: in short, a managed movement.

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To The Communards of March 4th

March 1, 2010 at 3:12 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , , , , )

A sealed note to the communards of March 2010

From The Brilliant

Thanks to you the world has opened up, again—tired folks were reminded that energy is generative, not finite, and the size of your ambitions has been shown to exceed the University. There is a beginning of a twisting road, without a foreseeable end, with beautiful vistas and shadowy cul-de-sacs.

In the past the brilliant attacked capitalism at its strongest, pointing out that even the upper and middle classes – the people who were supposed to benefit from the system – even those people led lives of misery and impoverishment. The school occupations are the latest chapter of that story. And the communiques, full of toothy poetry, point out that debt is the only consistent product of a university education, that the university – the gleaming icon of personal betterment and fulfillment – is no longer good for either the “creation of a cultured and educated citizenry,” nor for the economic benefits that used to go with a degree. That the university becomes just one more way of categorizing people, defining one more type of inmate, a different control group for the experiments that are constant, ubiquitous.

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Leaving Passivity Behind: Notes On the 2/25 Take Over

March 1, 2010 at 2:36 pm (Student Occupations) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Editor’s note: This text, attributed to Occupy CA but not appearing on their site, sounds more like something from the infamous Insurrectionary Text Generator, but we are posting it here anyways for fun and curiosity. Enjoy!

The “Offical Communique from Occupy CA”

In the construction of desiring-bodies, we negate those who would have us give up the inoperative joy of indifference for the catastrophe of mobilization.

The compulsive impotentiality proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with crisis. Our need to riot is less the elaboration of a concept than the realization of a state of exception. It is necessary to commence absolutely; not to dream of new ways to organize, but to make manifest the subterranean communes in the heart of each smashed window. This is a call to rupture, not an insistence on activism.

Every burning dumpster is a refusal to be productive, a blow against the being of anarcho-liberalism, a recognition of the immanent temporality inherent in the articulation of zones of offensive capacity. We must reject all normalization—in secret. Confronted with those who fail to recognize themselves in our conspiracies of destruction, we offer neither sympathy nor dialogue but only our derision. In the construction of desiring-bodies, we negate those who would have us give up the inoperative joy of indifference for the catastrophe of mobilization.

To those who deride the radical ecstasy in a car set aflame or a c-clamped pushbar, we propose nothing less than to destroy their homogenous representation, without looking back. What’s needed is not totality, and even far less fossilization of our desires, but a putting-into-practice of singular zones of indistinction which need no justification, a rejection in all forms of the logic of humanism.

Your Comrades Occupying Everything

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