Communique from a Brat Stunt Future

February 26, 2010 at 7:32 pm (Student Occupations) (, , )

download it!Editor’s note: In the spirit of open debate and dialogue, Occupy Everything! is republishing this piece, which is critical of the recent HCC occupation at Evergreen State College. This should not, however, be construed as a condemnation of said occupation on the part of Occupy Everything!. We stand in solidarity with the student insurgents of Evergreen State and all students taking direct action and struggling against the precarity of their lives and futures. ALL POWER TO THE PUPIL!

The Housing Community Center, or the HCC, at Evergreen used to be a space where students could spend time hanging out with friends, sipping coffee, shooting pool, reading, doing laundry, using a courtesy landline, throwing events, doing homework, or just relaxing while watching some television. But this all changed on Friday night when a hip gang of young heroes took the space over – occupying and redefining it. What used to be a space for all the things mentioned above had suddenly become a space for, well, all the things above, but with some slight differences.

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The State College HCC Occupation Post Script: Some Reflections & Explanations

February 24, 2010 at 5:46 pm (Student Occupations) ()

From the 19th to the 21st of February, the Housing Community Center (HCC) was occupied by several dozen autonomous individuals. Two doors leading outside, the door to the Corner Store, and the door to the mail room were barricaded to prevent the police from entering. A short list of rules was posted on the wall: No drugs or alcohol, no non-consensual activity, no property destruction. Free food was brought inside, along with an array of literature and information regarding occupation and the budget cuts. When the police arrived, the occupiers told them that they would not be leaving until Sunday the 21st. The police never attempted to shut down the occupation. On the night of the 19th there was a masquerade dance party, complete with a mask-making craft table and plenty of glitter, that lasted until 3 AM. On the 20th, three meals were served and several workshops took place, including one lead by an Evergreen professor. That night a few bands played and people socialized long into the morning.

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